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Benefits of doing Inner Work

Neemisha Naugah
Healing, Inner work

We are living in an increasingly fast changing world and as a result many people are finding it hard to stay abreast with everything that’s happening and others are struggling to cope. We tend to resist change as we fear the unknown. So with every change, our fears, insecurities and old wounds get triggered.

The best way to deal with these is to do the inner work. Inner work or Shadow work is a practice that involves going inwards and working on ourselves so we may heal our unresolved traumas, past wounds and deeply repressed emotions like guilt, anger, grief, shame and fear.

When we do the inner work, we consciously seeking to heal what’s no longer working in our life. This can include acceptance, meeting our needs, healing our wound inner child, releasing trapped emotions, changing old beliefs, cord cutting, soul retrieval and being fully grounded in our body.

I do agree that it is not easy to do the inner work.
In fact, it takes great courage and vulnerability to go deep within  ourselves and face issues that we have been hiding or running away from for years or even decades.  But I find that there is nothing more fulfilling than embodying our true Self and serving our purpose in life.

There are many benefits of doing inner work. For instance, people who used to trigger us, can’t no longer do so. Instead we understand where they are coming from and accept them. We have more love, compassion for ourselves and others. We find meaning and purpose and seek to serve others. Finally, we live a life of authenticity, truth, love, freedom, abundance and joy.

Remember the only person stopping us is ourselves. Is it time to free yourself? Do contact me if you want to continue on your inner work journey.