Dare to Dream with Neemisha

Imagine the life you truly want free from stress, anxiety, depression, fear, guilt, shame and feeling not good enough!

Heal core childhood wounds, sexual abuse and traumas through inner work and feminine empowerment

Heal your past wounds so you can move forward

I am Neemisha, Holistic Practitioner and Coach. I help my clients to heal their past wounds and embody their true essence. Your past experiences, childhood trauma, old beliefs and emotions have a major impact on your current situation. It is important to do the inner work to allow your childhood trauma to become a catalyst for self discovery and spiritual awakening. 

Issues like anxiety, depression, addictions, issues with sleep and weight, stress-related health conditions, relationship problems often fully resolve in my clients’ lives when we uncovered and worked on healing the underlying trauma. Trauma does not go away with time, because we have “moved on” or are “strong.” Through all the different symptoms, trauma is trying to get our attention. If we ignore it, trauma gets louder. Trauma requires awareness, acknowledgement, compassion and finally resolution.

When we pay attention, answer its call for healing and fulfil our unmet needs, amazing things happen.

Everyone has inner work to do especially if you suffered from abuse, addictions and childhood trauma. Unresolved childhood traumas that are still affecting you. Being a people pleaser, the good girl, doormat, addict, overgiving and feeling not good enough are signs of a wounded inner child.

The wounded inner child had to adopt coping mechanism to survive, to be safe, be seen, heard and accepted.

Is it time for you to evolve beyond these painful patterns and create the life you desire? By doing the inner work on your childhood traumas, you make sure that you don't pass the trauma to your children and future generations.

Trauma Healing

Trauma responses are fight/flight/freeze and fawn. Trauma lives in the physical body and affects our mind and behaviour. My approach to trauma healing is holistic. Healing the body, emotions, beliefs and soul. 

Core childhood wounds

Heal core childhood wounds like abandonment, rejection, betrayal, injustice and abuse.

These core childhood wounds affect us throughout our adult life and even affect our relationships with our partners.

Women Empowerment

Working together I can help you gain greater insight into the difficulties you are facing, help you understand why you act or react to them the way you do, and see how you can start to make better, heathier choices moving forward.

Healing Mind, Body and Soul

Through my trainings in various healing modalities like Shamanism, Tantra, NLP, Reiki, Theta Healing and Coaching, I use techniques like:

Inner Child Healing

Cord Cutting

Soul Retrieval

Womb clearing

Heal sexual abuse


Ancestral healing

Emotional release

Connecting with Higher Self

Trauma healing

and other energy healing techniques to access your own innate healing abilities.


Healing sessions are held online through Zoom.. Bespoke package are available. Contact me for a free 20 minutes no obligations discovery call.

Are you ready to transform your life from survival to living the life of your dreams?


"Many thanks for your beautiful session. You have led me through a very powerful inner child process. I am very grateful to you for your expertise, your professionalism and the way you conducted my session. Much love."

Claudine, New Zealand

"After trying many medicines, doctors and other therapies, I came across this website and straightaway, I knew it was the one. Neemisha is a good listener and I felt safe to let go of the childhood wounds during my sessions."

Reema, India

"During the session with Neemisha I felt welcomed, accepted, safe and supported by her and she worked with me in a warm and loving manner. Neemisha used her magic to clear very deep issues which left me feeling great. I would highly recommend her."

Marylin, London

"Neemisha is a wonderful coach, healer and person. I can feel her warm loving energy even through online video sessions. She has helped me a lot, and I look forward to more sessions."

Kevin, Lenexa

"After reading Neemisha’s website and her in-depth explanations, I had an idea of how much my life was being affected by my inner child."


"I booked our discovery call, where Neemisha gave me all the time and space I needed to feel heard, understood and reassured that she was the person that could help me change my life.

The day after that first free discovery call, I felt different; and realised, I already felt more at peace within myself.

Having worked with a variety of therapists before honestly, I was anxious about what this journey would unleash, and how it would make me feel. My sessions with Neemisha were nothing like those I had been through with a therapist, there was no need to drag up the past and go through all the different scenarios, trying to understand who did what and why, or to reframe my thoughts.

I was given the space and time to feel heard and to have my feelings validated without any judgement.

I did three sessions, one on my mother, one my father and the other was steps forward for my healing journey. The session on my mother I was most anxious about (which completely surprised me), and really challenged my beliefs and perceptions on what I’d been through and how I’d felt. I found this clarity comforting but also very confusing as it’s what I had always known to be true. However, the revelations that came from these sessions, has helped me make peace with the past and be able to reassure myself more and grow as a person into who I want to be and live the life I want to live; for me, and not for anyone else.

The session on my father I anticipated was going to be heavy, it was heavy but for reasons I never knew were possible. The strangest insights came to light and explained why so much has happened and why it continues to happen. At the second sessions I learnt so much more about why I am the way I am and used my homework to discover more about this. This knowledge impacts every aspect of my life and feels empowering.

My third session was nothing like I expected and again brought answers and a feeling of peace. I realised I identified myself as “being broken” and “there’s something wrong with me”, when in fact that was me absorbing what others had said to me. This is not my true identity. The awareness and knowledge of that has changed my life and given me an inner strength I didn’t know I had.

In conclusion I trust Neemisha, in all our contact I’ve felt safe and able to share without any judgement. Neemisha’s empathy shines through and I’d highly recommend her to anyone of my friends or family (and have done). I look forward to continuing my journey working with Neemisha."


"The healing was very powerful and profound. Neemisha helped me to uncover wounds from my past which I did not know was still affecting my life."


"Having recognised the event and changed the limiting belief I adopted at that time into an empowering one, lots have changed in my life already. I no longer have have the same fears and anxiety anymore. I highly recommend healing with Neemisha if you want to explore how your past is affecting your future."

Lea M, Bromley

"Thank you for sharing your awesome work. Feeling very positive mentally now."

Robin, Croydon

"Neemisha is both passionate and compassionate. She helped me get to the bottom of my problem very quickly and my issue was solved in just one session."

Stephanie G, Coulsdon

"I feel things are re-aligning within me. Thank you for the healing Neemisha. Deeply appreciate your time and support."

Kiran, Sutton

"After trying many medicines and other therapies, I came across this website and straightaway, I knew it was the one. Neemisha is a good listener and I felt safe to let go during my session."

Dave H, Purley

I met Neemisha via her website, I was looking for answers and healing with something that has been disturbing me for years. I had no idea what to expect but I trusted her…


"…and that’s great that I did cause she held the space brilliantly for me to find those answers and provided me with healing for me and my dear ones, including those who have crossed over the veil already. Highly recommend this lady and her gifts."

Stephanie G, Coulsdon

"I cannot thank Neemisha enough for the healing she has done for me. She has given me hope and my life back. She has shown me a future that I am so excited about experiencing and fulfilling."

Tony, Reading

"Amazing healing. Neemisha’s touch and compassion reminds me of my mother. I felt so safe with her."

Christina, London

"I felt emotional while lying on the couch. Neemisha held a safe space for me to express and release all my repressed childhood emotions."


"I can now see how my asthma was related to childhood fears and insecurity. After the healing, I am less dependent on my inhaler now…and definitely a big improvement in my relationship with my mother."

Alex, Caterham

"I had a session with Neemisha January 2016. It was profound and powerful treatment that I am still processing and integrating!"


"I am aware of subtle but significant changes; I am taking the time to look after myself and reflect on my life purpose and action plan going forward. I would recommend Neemisha."

N.P., Croydon

"Had the best time of my life. Thank you for such a miracle."

Angelo, London

"During the session with Neemisha I felt welcomed, accepted, safe and supported by her and she worked with me in a warm and loving manner. Neemisha used her magic to clear very deep issues which left me feeling great. I would highly recommend her."

Marilyn Hodson, London

"Thank you so much for my healing session yesterday. I am feeling more calmer and more peaceful now."


"Thank you also for pointing out which of my chakras are not balanced and how to balance them with the techniques you given me. They are really useful to feel grounded and centered on a daily basis."

Dev V., Wallington

"From the moment I met Neemisha I felt very comfortable and accepted and had all my questions answered and worries dispelled. She is very assured in her abilities and I felt extremely empowered after my healing."


"I felt great when I left, I was a lot happier and felt more free. I really appreciate all of her understanding and willingness to help me. I would highly recommend to others seeking advice and healing."

Mark S., Surrey

"I felt both empowered and positive after the Energy Healing session. My fears about my future have been dissipated and I feel more confident to go towards what I really want to achieve in life now."


"Before I was concerned that my family, friends, and society wont approve of my new choices as they do not fit with the norm but you helped me overcome my fears, anxiety and the need for approval from others. Thank you Neemisha!"

Barbara S., Sanderstead

"Neemisha created a safe and loving space for me to tell my story and really empty out. She listened to me without judging and helped to see how my suffering has shaped my life and she enabled me to see the lessons and wisdom from it. I am so grateful to having Neemisha as a healer."

Sonia E., Kenley

"Feeling happy and relaxed. Slept very well. You are a very kind and amazing lady. Thank you so much."

Amir, Warwick

"The connection at the beginning of the treatment was amazing, I felt that I was being taking care of and loved, I even shared some tears as I felt a strong connection and triggered certain traumas from the past."


"After 1 hr of the bodywork, I started experiencing trauma being released which was expressed by me crying,laughing and feeling electric shocks all over my body, it was great ,I felt releasing all the tension Her intuition was amazing and insisted on the area where the healing was needed. i was feeling and unconditional love ,lots of compassion and supported,it was an amazing experience, she is definitely an amazing healer."

Christian L., London

"Thank you for sharing your love, kindness, energy and knowledge. The session was really helpful. Sincerely grateful for your time and support today."

Mo, London

"From Initial contact I knew that Neemisha was the right choice for my first Tantric Healing experience. I’m the type of person to keep things close to my chest but felt wholly comfortable in talking about and dealing with the issues I had presented."


"This is a credit to Neemisha as it’s not something I would normally do. She is a true professional and passionate about the craft. She continues to support even after the session. I thank her very much for time and would have no problem in highly recommending her to anyone who feels they need Tantric Healing."

Andy D., Chipstead

"Neemisha is very caring, compassionate and loving. I felt very safe and held lovingly throughout the session. She encouraged me to breath and feel my emotions which I found quite difficult sometimes but she is very patient with me and kept reminding me throughout."


"She is confident and knows exactly what she is doing and why she is doing it. I was very relaxed and feel better about myself after the session. I would highly recommend Neemisha."

Shah, London

"Neem has a great way of leading you to the emotions that you want to hide, her intention is to heal a deep part of you that is wounded and she can navigate you gracefully to your wounded inner child where she holds space for the emotions to move through you and out."


"To soften the emotions and leaving me on an energised high she finished by helping me experience my first full body orgasm. Thank you Neem."

David, Croydon

"During the Tantric session, I released so much shame regarding my sexuality. I can now embrace who I am. I feel alive, empowered and more confident now."


"Your compassion and care is like that of a mother serving her children with unconditional love."

Kevin, North London

"I released so much shame and grief during the Emotional Detox session and felt drained afterwards. But after a few days, I felt very relaxed and empowered. I feel more confident to speak up and feel safe to do so. Things are also re-aligning now. Thank you so much Neemisha."

Shiv, Crawley

"Thank you for the Tantra session the other month, you made me feel very relaxed and safe. It was a wonderful experience. Think I need to book another session soon."

Terry, Coulsdon

"Neemisha settled my nerves instantly and you can see where passion for the craft. I appreciate the time she gave to me. I felt different. More confident and positive about the matters I wanted healed. I felt relaxed and good about myself and the experience."

Chris, Purley

"Neem has a strong authenticity which really aids her success as a practitioner in a very sensitive and intimate field. She is patient, kind and well-practised in Tantra which makes the client feel in safe hands."


"I was guided through my releases with love and able to speak my resistance also. After the session, I felt free, happy and deserving. I wish her well in her professional life."

Sarah, Norwood


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