Feminine Healing, Awakening and Empowerment

Imagine yourself as a woman who has discovered your sexuality, sensuality and sacredness. You feel empowered, alive, whole and have meaningful life.

You are feminine, elegant, magnificent, radiant and yet confident

and full of vitality.

No longer are you conditioned by society nor are you dragging your

emotional baggage behind you.

As you heal your past wounds, you can live fully in the Now.

You respect yourself and honour your body as a sacred temple.

You are the embodiment of the divine feminine and feel like a


You are in love with life and know you are here for a purpose.

Life becomes a  celebration of love, happiness, peace,

strength, freedom and Shakti.

You can be that woman!


I used to have lots fear and suffered from anxiety as well as depression. I felt not good enough and was always doubting myself. For years, I believed that being a woman was a weakness as I felt inferior to men. I thought I was the only one who felt the oppression of being a woman. It was only during my healing journey, that I connected with other women who felt exactly like me. Ah! I was not alone! Centuries of patriarchy led women to believe they are weak, not good enough and inferior. My healing journey to empowerment has not been easy but helped me to find my purpose.

Now, I am dedicating my life to empowering women heal their deepest wounds and flourish in every areas of their life. I work in depth with women whom have suffered through abuse, trauma and sexual issue and empower them to know their worth.

In these healing and coaching sessions, I support women to:

  • tap into her Shakti (feminine power)
  • know who She is
  • not be afraid to shine
  • reclaim her power
  • speak her truth
  • stand in her power
  • awaken the divine feminine/divine Goddess
  • connect to the wisdom of the womb and yoni
  • heal sexual dysfunction
  • take control of your own sexuality and feminine body
  • feel secure, trustworthy and confident
  • set clear boundaries
  • learn sacred sexuality, connection and intimacy
  • experience deep nourishment and increased sensitivity
  • reclaim her full feminine power
  • be orgasmic
  • know what she wants
  • learn self love and self care

In this bespoke package for Women, the areas I can help you with:


Women are becoming aware of their suffering and suppression they have been subjected to for centuries. We have been objectified, abused and considered to be inferior for far too long. As we become more aware and awakening to a new reality. Things have to change! Women need to awaken to their true potential and power. 

In this bespoke 6 session package for Women, the areas I can help you with:


It is time to reclaim our power, to cut cords, to let go of toxic relationships, to speak our truth and stand in our power. It is time to stop being the good, shy, quiet and obedient girl. It is time to stop being the people pleaser. Are you ready?

In this bespoke 6 session package for Women, the areas I can help you with:

Healing core feminine wounds

Heal core feminine wounds like abandonment, rejection, betrayal, injustice and shame. We are good enough and worthy. Are you ready to claim your worth?

In this bespoke 6 session package for Women, the areas I can help you with:


Learn techniques to release the armour you have been placing around yourself to keep you safe and be able to survive in this harsh world. As you release your armours that have been keeping you stuck and rigid, you will find your feminine power and grace. 

In this bespoke 6 session package for Women, the areas I can help you with:

Trauma Healing

Trauma is more common than we think. Most people have experienced some sort of trauma; Childhood Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Ancestral trauma, the Trauma of Abandonment or Rejection, Psychological Trauma, or some form of Physical Trauma like an accident or attack. Separation, divorce, heartbreak, sexual abuse, rape, death of closed ones, rejection, accidents, emotional shock, neglect, sudden loss of job or income, bullying are traumatic experiences. During the session, we seek to resolve these trauma that are trapped in the body in a safe and gentle way. 

In this bespoke 6 session package for Women, the areas I can help you with:

Emotional release

Unfortunately, we live in a society that does not allow us to express ourselves authentically especially when it is negative emotions. We have been taught from an early age that it is wrong to be angry, to show our fears, to cry when we feel sad, and to hide our shame. We are holding on to old emotions or bottling up feelings that need to be expressed. It is important to get rid of emotions that we have been carrying for days, years or even decades which make us sick. A lot of research have showed that repressed emotions shut down the immune system and causes pain and diseases in the body.

In this bespoke 6 session package for Women, the areas I can help you with:

Awakening Sensuality

Reclaim you body, power, passion, pleasure, sensuality and sexuality. I support women to notice their bodies, to be able to inhabit their body in a more conscious way, to connect with their womb wisdom, to feel more, to work with feelings of anger, fear, shame, unworthiness and guilt as they emerge. As you start to release your past, you will awaken the true potential of your body and feel empowered in every area of your life. 

In this bespoke 6 session package for Women, the areas I can help you with:


If self-care is something you struggle with, you’re not alone. How many women come back home from work and still have to look after the house and children? It is draining to always be looking after others. We have been conditioned to think that self care is selfish and that we must always think of others before ourselves. But this is the very reason why we become stressed, feel burn-out, become bitter and resentful. When we are always looking after others and ignore our own needs, we suffer! We are the most important person in our life and putting ourselves first is key!!! It is selfless and not selfish! 

In this bespoke 6 session package for Women, the areas I can help you with:

Healing after a break-up

It is so important to heal our wounds after a break-up otherwise we end up attracting the same kind of partners and have repeated patterns of heartbreak. In this session, we look at how to care for yourself after a break-up, cord cutting, how to fulfill your own needs, build trust in men again and heal your wounds. Session can also include inner child healing. 

Are you ready to step fully into the powerful woman that you truly are? Do you want to be the embodiment of elegance, radiance, sensuality and courage? Do you want feel free and not drag along your past, old wounds and your issues? Do you have the good girl syndrome?

If you had enough of living in this harsh patriarchal society which forces you to compete and keep going, puts you under immense pressure and yet you still feel inferior , sick and tired, know that there is another way. That's the way of the awakening woman who uses her intuition, who is in the flow, connected to her higher powers, who is sensual, elegant, feminine, strong and powerful. As a woman who have been through this awakening and empowerment journey, I know how difficult and lonely this journey can be but it does not need to be such anymore. Please don’t suffer alone and know that help is available. Reach out and let’s work together.

Every woman is unique and have different needs and challenges. Bespoke package designed for your unique needs. You can choose to do 1 off session or choose between the 3, 6 or 10 sessions package.

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Neemisha - Women Empowerment Coach