Neemisha Naugah

Energy Healer and Woman Empowerment Coach

I’m Neemisha Naugah- Energy Healer, Women empowerment Coach and Teacher in London. I’m excited to help you on your journey of healing, awakening and empowerment. 

My own healing journey started in 2012 after period of the dark night of the soul. I felt lost, depressed and dissatisfied for a number of years. Finally, I decided to work with various Coaches, Therapists and Healers who helped me gain a better understanding of what I was going through and they helped me accept my past, resolve my wounds and traumas. 

Determined to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life, I embarked into more Soul searching, inner work, personal development and spiritual growth. As I let go of my limiting beliefs and released my difficult emotions-anger, sadness, shame, fear, hurt and guilt, I felt more empowered and was ready to help and support others on their healing journey.

I now know that my personal challenges was a wake up call…a Spiritual awakening. In the healing process, I reclaimed my Power, Purpose, Potential and Passion!

Born and brought up in a Hindu family, I understand traditions, rituals and follows spiritual practices as part of my upbringing. Now I live in South London with my husband and children and enjoy yoga, meditation and spending time in Nature.



My experience includes healing, therapy, coaching and Women empowerment. I specialise in helping adults struggling with anxiety, depression, feeling not good enough, childhood trauma, sexual abuse,  image issues, and relationship issues. I have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the last 10 years helping them shift their deep seated issues. 

No matter what happened to you in the past, you can always heal, stand up for yourself, set boundaries, feel empowered and create the life you always dreamt of.

Healing and Coaching Expertise

§  Anxiety

§  Depression

§  Relationship Issues

§  Addictions- porn, alcohol, smoking

§  Healing the inner child

§  Childhood trauma

§  Narcistic parents

§  Spiritual awakening

§  Good girl or good boy syndrome

§  Body image

§  Past sexual, emotional abuse

§  Feeling lost, stuck or confused

§  Women Awakening through Tantra

§  Women Empowerment

§  Overwhelm with fear, guilt, shame, anger and grief.

My Approach to healing

Everybody can heal themselves but sometimes we need the support of someone who has healed what we are going through. The healing journey can feel lonely and it is important to have a Healer to guide you through this journey. I believe you are worth investing in!

I believe healing has to be holistic ie the Body, Emotions, Mind and Soul.  And while some people are just looking for a quick fix to feeling better, I find the most satisfying and long-lasting change happens when you’re willing to dig in deep and get to the root of the problem by exploring patterns that often began in childhood. Some of the patterns can also be ancestral, from the collective consciousness or past lives. 

I provide Inner child healing, trauma healing and women empowerment online through Zoom. Also I offer a few in person Tantric Healing sessions for women in South London. 


Bachelor in Arts

Literary Studies from University of Cape Town

Post Graduate Certificate in Education


Love and Authenticity Practitioner

Mandy Morris

Certified Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner

Evette Rose

Certified Tantric Journey Educator

Tantric Journey School of Awakening and Healing

Shamanic Practitioner

Temenos Touch by Evelyn Brodie

Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and Coaching

Mind Training System- Tad James

Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner

Vianna Stibal

Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Level 1 Chek Institute

Access Consciousness Bar Practitioner

Gary Douglas

Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner

Joe Vitale

Continuous Personal Development & Workshop

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE David Berceli)

Module 1 with Steve Haines

Somatic Experiencing (Online course from Psychology Excellence)

Peter Levine

Clinical Approach to Polyvagal Theory

Deb Dana

Wheel of Consent Workshop

Matt Schwenteck

Wellness Woman Womb Yoga

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Yoga Practitioner

Patanjali Yog Preeth