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Women Circle

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Women circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together to be seen, heard, accepted and loved exactly as we are.

Why join a women circle?

Women throughout history have gathered in circles to support each other, practice rituals and share wisdom.

Nowadays, women are feeling so disconnected and isolated. We are disconnected not only to our body, feelings but also to other women. If you are looking for authentic connection, then women circle is the place to be!

In Women circles, you will feel seen, heard, accepted and loved by your sisters. We practice deep sharing, meditations, movement, self care, rituals and most importantly we have so much fun!

Theme is Feminine embodiment practices to step into your authentic feminine essence.

What do we do in women circles?

When women gather in circles as sisters, we create magic. We go deep and create connection and authenticity with our sisters. We share our challenges, meditate, be vulnerable, create rituals, share self care practices and dance together.

Why do Women need circles?

In a circle, we are all equal. No one is in front, no one is behind, no one is above and no one is below. In this place of equality and balance, you can feel truly supported.

How do you prepare for the circle?

Just show up exactly as you are, in your mess and feel the support of your sisters.

Who is a women who has embodied her feminine essence? She

-is radiant, magnetic, glowing

-follows her heart's desires

-has healed her feminine wounds

-practices self care and self love

-knows who she is

-has reconnected with her Divine feminine energies that have been devalued with patriarchy

-authentic, real and vulnerable

- has let go of past conditioning and programming

-embrace her shakti

-puts herself and her needs first

'The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we're weak, and sing with us when we are strong.'- Sark

Women circle


Rituals form an important part in women circles. Rituals is an opportunity for transformation where we put our intention to create something we desire. When women do rituals together, we feel more bonded.

Heal Feminine Wounds

Women circle is the perfect place to use our voices and reclaim our power. We dismantle patriarchy which have created division among women. We heal our sister and mother wounds. No more competition, jealousy, oppression, bitchiness, loneliness and separation among women.

Self Care Practices

I believe self care is self love. The more we look after our body and emotions, the better we feel about ourselves. In Circles, we share women self care practices to help us love ourselves and put out needs first.