To create true health, you must look more holistically. You must look not just at a person’s body but at their energy as well. This is what shamans have done for centuries.‘ Alberto Villoldo

Increasingly, we are discovering that health is truly holistic. We are healthy when our physical body, mind, emotions and soul are all in alignment. Increasingly, Scientists are discovering the link between the mind and the body- they are not separate.

Healing means to make whole. We are not just our body, we also have an emotional, mental and spiritual body. Nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on mind, body and soul.  Healing facilitates the release of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional blockages that are restricting your access to happiness, physical well being and living an abundant life. Our body knows how to heal itself, we just need to help it heal in a very holistic way.

With all the challenges that we go through life, we often become numb, frozen and dissociated. With unresolved trauma stored in our body, we go through life without hope, passion, happiness and purpose. When we finally decide to heal ourselves, we choose get rid of our emotional baggage and find our true essence.

We all have the visible physical body and the invisible subtle energy body which consist of the emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. The energy is also called Prana, Chi, Ki, life force. Without prana, the physical body will die.

The Nervous System Impacts Our Entire Well-Being

By working on the level of the body and the nervous system, we learn to reconnect to ourselves, learn to listen to our body, be ok with all our emotions, increase awareness and confidence. If we are dysregulated in the nervous system, these are common things we will tend to see:

Physical – chronic pain, illness, fatigue,  weakened immune system and autoimmune disorders, gut troubles, migraine, headaches, severe PMS, chronic muscle tension.and diseases

Emotional -our emotional baggage like anger, sadness, shame, guilt, fear, hurt,  chronic depression and sadness, numbed out and disconnected, uncontrollable anger and rage, fearful and overreacting to the little things, trouble being empathetic and understanding.

Mental – all out limiting beliefs that manifest as depression, worry, anxiety, stress, overwhelming thoughts, trouble focusing, a mind that runs a million miles a minute, irrational fears, brain fog and trouble concentrating, resistance and procrastination.

Spiritual –feel empty, lost, incomplete, disconnected and fragmented.

Physical or emotional problems cause blockages in the human energy field disrupting the natural flow of energy around the body. Rather than treating the symptoms, healing treats the individual as a whole looking at the root causes of the problem often found deep within a person’s psyche. Our body has the potential to heal itself and go back to its natural state of balance.

Everything is found within us.  We just need to activate our innate healing powers.

Trauma Healing- PTSD

After a traumatic experience, changes happen on a physical , emotional, mental and spiritual level. This is so important to heal on a holistic level.

  • Physical- Trauma gets trapped in the physical body. Embodied practices and healing helps through safe touch, shaking,  bodywork, pressure points and de-armouring
  • Emotional- Trauma makes a person overwhelmed- fear, guilt, shame, anger, grief. Healing helps through emotional release
  • Mental- Trauma affects the brain. We adopt limiting beliefs which keep us safe. Healing helps with rewiring the brain and adopt empowering beliefs
  • Spiritual- A traumatised person feels fragmented, disconnected and incomplete. Healing brings love, wholeness and connection.

How does Holistic healing help?

Holistic Healing helps us to connect with our inner knowing and authentic self.

Healing is a natural process that the body already knows what to do. We need to get out of the way and listen to our body and allow it to heal. The symptoms that our body show up means there is a dis-balance which we need to correct. But instead, we treat the symptoms with painkillers and antibiotics rather than going to the root cause of the issue.

The power of Holistic Healing comes from the early identification of imbalance at the level of energy before they can manifest in diseases at the physical level. This gives you advance notice of problems and precious time to heal your issues before they can create serious illness. For only by healing your issues, can you bring your life into balance, achieve vibrant health and harmony in life. In short, physical pain is the manifestation of emotional pain.

Every pain/disease has a message…that something is not in balance or harmony. The aim of energy healing is to bring back balance and wholeness. In healing, it is important to recognize what messages the disease has , acknowledge that it is there and then allow it to release once we have integrated its blessings/gifts/lessons. Once we have done that, the disease does not have a purpose anymore and it can leave the body.

healing mind body soul

Holistic healing

If we do not heal past emotional issues, they manifest themselves in physical ways:

Anger weakens Liver

Grief weakens Lungs

Worry weakens Stomach

Stress weakens Heart and Brain

Fear weakens Kidney

With healing, it is important to recognize that anything is possible and anything can be healed.

Some of the benefits my clients have in a Holistic Healing session are:

  • finding their life purpose
  • get rid of chronic pain
  • heal stress, anxiety, depression, numbness or feeling stuck
  • receive profound wisdom and knowledge
  • access past life experiences as well as their learning
  • complete a past trauma and heal PTSD issues
  • retrieve part of their soul that have left during a trauma
  • find the root cause of their disease, past wound or physical pain
  • get rid of limiting and dis-empowering beliefs
  • clearing negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame through embodied practices
  • clears emotional baggage that drains their energy
  • feel empowered to achieve their dreams.

The process

Everybody is different and at different stages in their life. There is not size fits all when it comes to healing. I listen to my clients issues and my own intuition to choose the best process to work with.  I treat my clients as a whole and work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues simultaneously.  They might include:

  • Inner child healing
  • forgiveness
  • Emotional detox
  • breathwork
  • Reiki
  • Shamanic healing including Soul Retrieval
  • Yoga Nidra-Deep relaxation
  • balancing the chakras
  • bodywork
  • cord cutting
  • finding the root cause of a disease and healing it from its source
  • shadow work
  • Embodied practices
  • releasing unresolved trauma and many others

What to expect in a Holistic Healing session?

Your first session will begin with a discussion about the issues you have and how best to address them with energy healing and help you uncover the root cause of your problem.

You can remain seated during the therapy but certain techniques may require you to be lying down on a treatment couch. You will not need to undress during your session. You will breathe deeply to relax and will access past memories ready to be released and healed. Holistic Healing helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

I use it in my own way in combination with other healing modalities such as Reiki, Theta, Tantra, Shamanic, Embodied Trauma healing, chakra balancingand a variety of other hands-on techniques which involves placing my hands gently on different areas of the body. This work is done in phases and people typically experience some physical and emotional release during this stage. The session also involves some guidance and reflection. Healing can be used as part of your daily routine and I can give you advice on energy exercises, grounding, nutrition, detoxification and relaxation, all aimed at raising your vibration and promoting self healing after your session. You will also be given exercises and learn techniques to do to even further your practice.

The Holistic healing experience differs from one person to the next but most would agree that healing is deeply relaxing and peaceful. You may experience physical or emotional changes after your session. These changes may even feel intense; however they are a sign of energy beginning to flow freely around your body again. Give yourself time to rest, and drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins that have been released.

Energy healing

Emotions and diseases

If you are on the journey of Self discovery, healing, growth, spiritual awakening, going through dark night of the soul, transformation and change, contact me for more information on a Healing session and how I can help you.