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How to heal your wounded inner child?

The wounded inner child- Mother/father Issues

wounded child

                                                          Inner child

Most of us dont even know we have an inner child let alone knowing that our inner child is wounded. I certainly did not know until it came to my awareness in one of my trainings. It was a very simple event in my childhood but had a huge impact throughout my life. When I was 5 years old, we were sitting in the living room watching TV and I was excited to tell my dad about a new friend I made at school. As soon as I started talking, my dad stopped me and said he was listening to the news. That might seem a pretty insignificant event but it influenced my belief and my place in the world. Straightaway, my 5 year old mind thought that what happens in the world is more important that what happens in my life. I was told to be quiet when I wanted to share something about my life (making a new friend is a very important event in a 5 year old girl life). I felt insignificant and thus adopted the belief that I was not good enough. The belief ‘I am not good enough’ became prevalent in everything I did since. I became an introvert, did not speak much and always thought that I have to say has to value to anyone. As I look back, it was just a simple event as my dad did not mean to quieten me, I am sure he would have listened if he was not watching the news. During the Inner child healing, the practitioner cleared the belief ‘I was not good enough’ and resourced me with new beliefs.

No matter what age we are, inside all of us we have an ‘inner child’. Depending on how ‘our child’ is feeling our behaviour and emotions will be reflected in our adult selves. Inner Child work brings to light why we act, behave and belief they way we do which were instilled into our unconscious during childhood and thereby makes us aware of how as adults we are actually simply playing these out in our relationships, career, finances, personal and  social life. The inner child is the being within, created during the years from age four to seven, the formative years. If, during this time, a traumatic event occurs, we may bury the event within us.  If, for instance, our Inner Child is hurt or frightened, then that’s how we are in our adult life. We do bury the event inside of us as they are too painful to deal with.

When we are still carrying childhood wounds into our adult lives, they may show up in your outer life as problematic communications, anger, dysfunctional relationships, addictions, codependency or other related issues. They may leave us feeling sad, lonely, abandoned or distrustful. Most of these issues were established out of earlier experiences which were learned in early childhood. These patterns and beliefs can be healed allowing you to change your perspective and move into a place of emotional freedom.

So, who needs or would benefit from Inner Child Healing? Well, all of us! It’s been said that the vast majority of us are carrying emotional baggage from our younger years and getting help to heal the Inner Child can free us to live more contented and fulfilled lives.

Mother and Father Issues

Very often, parents blame their children for their failures and the children feel guilty. They go on carrying this guilt in their adult life and may feel obligated towards their parents. They feel that they owe their parents their life and as a consequence are unable to live their own life fully.  As a result, they might feel depressed. Through inner child healing, the guilt can be removed.

With many of these early beliefs and patterns it is possible to regress right back to the very first time our Inner Child developed this belief. Using our adult perspective we can change this belief, and then develop a new understanding and perspective about the circumstances of our childhood and replace the old belief with an empowering belief. We can start to remember that we are deeply lovable and create a new positive belief patterns about ourselves at a deep unconscious level that will start to manifest into our external reality i.e. our everyday lives. We also use the integrate some special qualities that are inherent within us, such as feelings of self-confidence, strength and self-acceptance among others. For many it can be learning to say ‘no’ and setting boundaries.

Inner Child Healing is a simple and safe process which often results in powerful life changing transformations. Often just one session of Inner child Healing will produce powerful shift for clients.

For those who are unaware of the source of their problems or pain, Inner Child Healing can be a great way to re-connect with their child-self. Inner child healing is very powerful because it goes to the very first event in your childhood when you were wounded emotionally. Together, we look at issues of abandonment, betrayal, denial, blame, guilt, judgement and separation. It is moving from a place of confusion, anger, helplessness, powerlessness to self love, gratitude and forgiveness. Allowing your inner child to be nurtured, supported and allowed to express him/herself freely can be very liberating. It is time to release your inner child from guilt, shame, blame, hurt or responsibility. It is time to meet and nurture him/her. Your Inner Child’s dreams, courage and determination live within you now.