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Sexual Healing for Women


You are a living Goddess!

Women have forgotten their power, magnificence, radiance and femininity. They think that to be powerful, they have to be in their masculine power.  I am dedicated to empowering women heal their deepest wounds and embody their authentic feminine essence.  I work in depth with women whom have suffered through abuse, heartbreak, inner child trauma and sexual issues.

The sad reality nowadays is that women are in a constant search for something or someone to fulfill them. They go from relationship to relationship to find what is missing within them. They keep buying all sorts of beauty products, latest gadgets, expensive designer clothes, etc to keep them happy. They are also obsessed with impressing  other women. They constantly compete with others to be, do and have more. They repress all their emotions and pretend to be strong to the outside world. But soon they feel depleted, empty, frustrated, depressed, insecure, disconnected, overwhelmed, numb, unfulfilled and stuck. They dont understand why despite having ‘everything’, they are still not happy. The truth is what they are looking for is found within them, not in external things. True happiness, fulfillment and a meaningful life come when we release what is not serving us anymore, heal our past and live in alignment with who we truly are.

Tantra and Tao are both deep emotional release work  that help women to let go of past hurt and emotions that are stuck in their body like anger, rage, grief, hurt, fear, shame and guilt.


Sexual healing can support women to:

  • tap into her Shakti
  • feel sensual, elegant, radiant and magnificent
  • not be afraid to shine
  • awaken the divine feminine
  • reclaim yourself as a Goddess
  • connect to the wisdom of the womb and yoni
  • learn to treat her body as a sacred temple
  • heal sexual dysfunction
  • take control of her own sexuality and feminine body
  • feel secure, trustworthy and confident
  • set clear boundaries
  • open her heart again after past hurts
  • learn sacred sexuality, connection and intimacy
  • experience deep nourishment and increased sensitivity
  • reclaim their full feminine power
  • be orgasmic and even multi orgasmic
  • learn self love and self care
  • learn to open their sexuality through releasing amrita

With everything that a woman goes through- period pain, childbirth, abortion, sexual abuse, miscarriage, menopause, women unfortunately hold a lot of pain in their womb and yoni. Sexual healing can support you in releasing trauma, blockages from unwanted sexual experiences or abuse, tensions and stress. Every time we have a painful experience and we choose not to feel a certain emotion, we develop armor around our heart and our sexual organs. This armor serves to protect us from feeling pain, but it also shuts down our ability to feel pleasure, ecstasy and joy.

Tantra will increase your sexual and sensual sensitivity, deepen your connection with your heart, and even deepen and intensify your orgasms.

Power of our Womb/Yoni

A woman can feel pain, numbness or pleasure depending on what stored in her womb/yoni. The womb also holds the imprints of past births, still-births, miscarriages, sexual abuse, abortions and any traumatic event it went through. The imprints of past partners/lovers with whom we had sexual encounters also stays imprinted in our womb. All the repressed emotions from our heartbreaks, sexual abuse, challenges and traumas manifest as physical aches and pains, numbness, tightness leading to sexual dysfunctions like infertility, pain during sex, homornes imbalance, low sex drive, no orgasm, vaginismus and so many others. By connecting to our womb, yoni and our deep feminine wisdom body, we can clear and heal these issues.

Aside from making babies, the womb has many other mysterious gifts to offer us if we choose to explore her incredible potential. The womb has long been a sacred feminine symbol of life and the power of creation and for obvious reasons since each of us spent nine months in our mother’s womb and it was from the womb that we were birthed into this life.

When we connect to our womb, we connect to our true wisdom and essence.

As the womb heals, so does her consciousness. The woman begins to own back her sexuality, her powerful and sacred energy. Too long her destructive patterns had allowed her womb to be dishonoured. She now holds a sacred intent to bring integrity into her life. She begins to heal her shame and powerlessness around sexuality, and honors her sacred longings more than her contractions, addictions and temptations. ‘Sukhvinder Sircar’

Our womb is incredibly sacred and powerful. It is time to awaken your womb wisdom and allow your light, beauty and power to shine.

Why women need sexual healing?

Women absorb a lot in our emotional energy centers and also in our sexual organs. Every time we are entered without love, part of our sexuality shuts down. Often, we feel sexually numb and can’t feel pleasure let alone have an orgasm. This is because of the residue of unprocessed emotions that are held in our yoni and womb. We absorb so much from our lovers, their fantasies, we blend emotional bodies when we make love so we feel a lot. Our sexual organs hold and carry shame that we carry from our mothers catching us innocently self pleasuring, so many messages that our sexual feelings were dirty, bad or wrong.

Through sexual healing, we learn to release the shame, guilt, fear held in our yoni.  We learn to reclaim, remember and re-awakening our sexuality and our innate power.

Sexual Healing helps with a number of issues:

  • lack of orgasm
  • feeling numb-no pain or pleasure
  • painful sexual intercourse
  • poor body image
  • vaginal pain
  • past sexual abuse
  • cannot find a partner
  • cannot trust men
  • lack of sexual interest

What happens in a Sexual healing session for women?

A  session helps women heal, awaken and celebrate their unique feminine qualities and innate potential for pleasure. Welcome Goddess. This is a space for you!

A space to connect to your heart, your womb, your soul. A space to let go, to grow, to heal; to cultivate your true self. A space to celebrate your uniqueness and beauty. A space where tears and laughter are met with love, acceptance and understanding. A space that your very essence is calling out to be. A space to awaken the powerful Goddess Warrior within.

The session is a sacred space for you to release emotions and heal unresolved trauma. I hold a safe space for you and it is done with unconditional love and respect. Everything that is shared remains confidential.

During our session together, we will explore a variety of  healing techniques which can help you connect to and release your emotional wounding. These will include:

  • breathing- disperses emotional pain
  • meditation-becoming aware of your body
  • grounding- connecting with Earth and the root chakra
  • bodywork- acupressure points, massage, touch
  • movement- frees and releases tension/stress/knots in the body
  • sounds -disperses physical pain

to help release and express emotions hidden deep within the physical and emotional bodies. These de-armoring process are very powerful.

I invite you to breath deeply and allow the breath-oxygen/prana/chi/life force to nourish the whole body. They are encouraged to move freely as they feel the Shakti and to make sounds to release deep held toxins in the body. By holding a sacred space, you can express your grief, anger or any other emotions through voice and movement. As memories arise to the surface and are made conscious, you can begin to let go of traumas since childhood. You get the opportunity to express yourself without being judged. You will be held with love and compassion throughout the session.

I will help you to feel, experience and express feelings that have been repressed and forgotten. We will work on  clearing away decades of wounding and allowing new life, love and creativity to flow in your life once again.

I adapt each session according to your specific needs. So, not all treatments will be the same as we are all different and have different issues.

Why choose me as your Sexual Healer?

My journey with Tantra and Tao has been deeply healing and transformative for me. During a short time, I felt myself shift from insecurity, helplessness and disconnection toward empowerment, sensuality and a sense of wholeness. After learning Tantra and Tao, I found my calling  and now am dedicated to help others heal on a very deep level. I have learnt the healing arts from many teachers and gurus and each one has enabled me to develop my skills further.

Very often, women have been hurt or abused by men and they find it hard to trust men in general. By working with a woman therapist (sister), women feel safe and they can trust and surrender in healing process easily. Having a sister with whom you can just be yourself, who will accept you exactly as you are and tend to your emotional wounds is deeply empowering.

For healing to happen, it is important that safety and trust are first established and then allow your defense mechanism to melt so you can be present with the therapist who will see you, listen to you and help you to heal.

I am devoted to guiding women in their spiritual growth, healing and  awakening the Shiv/Shakti –Masculine/feminine energies within them. I love to align women with their authentic self and releasing their limitations, traumas, blockages and deep core wounds from their past.

As a Tantric Therapist, I support women to notice their bodies, to be able to inhabit their body in a more conscious way, to connect with their womb wisdom, to feel more, to work with feelings of anger, fear, shame, unworthiness and guilt as they emerge.

I am honoured to be able to offer women this deeply spiritual work. Get in touch if you want to release the layers of emotional baggage, unlearn social conditioning and discover your true self.

Are you ready to step fully into the Shaktis that you truly are? Do you want to be the embodiment of elegance, radiance, sacredness, sensuality and Shakti? Do you want to move freely and not drag along your past, your wounds and your issues?

Book your free discovery call now.

Testimonial from Gemma London

When I started on my self-discovery journey, I never quite knew where it would take me, who I would work with and what I would become but I surrendered and allowed the universe to take the lead. During this journey I came across the wonderful, Neemisha. I was very nervous about this work but the moment I reached out to her and had an initial zoom consultation, I felt completely at ease and knew I was in safe hands and on the right path. 
In meeting Neemisha for our session, she was so welcoming, so kind and gentle, so understanding. Her presence, her energy, her aura, her knowledge, her love, her warmth, her healing made me feel so at ease. She created a safe space for me to be authentic and open with her and be the most vulnerable I have ever felt but in the most empowering way. 
We journeyed together with movement, music and touch. I really got me into my body and the awareness of why I was there; to be empowered and free. I felt so connected to my body and what I needed to heal and let go of. Neemisha’s loving energy and guidance allowed me to completely surrender and allow emotions to come up and release. I literally felt like a new empowered woman after our session with so much awareness and confidence in my body and the divine feminine that I am! My relationship with myself and others have blossomed and my creativity has become magical.  Neemisha, I cannot thank you enough for your love and guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I dream that all women get to experience your gift. We deserve it! xx

It is time you remember and reclaim your true divine feminine essence. As a woman, it is your birthright to walk tall, confident, radiant and magnificent. You are a living Goddess!