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How to heal your wounded inner child?
The wounded inner child- Mother/father Issues                                                           Inner child Most of us dont even know we have an inner child let alone knowing that our inner child […]
Understanding Triggers and how to heal them
It is so important to become aware of our triggers and take time to heal them. Most people have triggers and this is how arguments, fights and misunderstanding can happen. Every time we are triggered, it is an unhealed inner child wound that gets activated. There is nothing bad about being triggered. When we get […]
Benefits of doing Inner Work
Healing, Inner work We are living in an increasingly fast changing world and as a result many people are finding it hard to stay abreast with everything that’s happening and others are struggling to cope. We tend to resist change as we fear the unknown. So with every change, our fears, insecurities and old wounds […]
How to meet your Emotional Needs?
Emotional needs are feelings we need to feel happy, fulfilled or at peace. Without them, we may feel numb, empty, frustrated, hurt or dissatisfied. For human beings to feel safe, happy, significant and fulfilled, all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs have to be met. Some examples of emotional needs are feeling loved, accepted, […]